Glossary  词汇表 The Lion King
abide  v. be faithful to 遵守
absorb v. to take or suck 吸收
accessible a. able to be reached,used or visited 易接近的或方便的
acquaintance  a. someone whom you have met but do not know very well 熟人
adolescent n. a young person who is no longer a child but who has not yet become an adult 青少年
amidst prep. among ……之间
ancestor n. forefather 祖先
animate v. to cause something to move 使活动
anonymity n. the state of being unknown or unacknowledged 匿名
antagonist n. someone whom you are competing with 对手
antelope n.

an animal with long legs and horns, which looks like the a deer, can run very fast, and eats grass and leaves 羚羊

appeal to phr. to attract 吸引
archetypal a. being a perfect example of a group of people or objectives 典型的
assimilate v. to become part of another social group or state 同化
assume v. to take power, responsibility, or control, often without being asked to do so 篡权
baboon  n. a type of monkey living in Africa that has a pointed face, large teeth, and a long tail 狒狒
be 1aid back phr. relaxed 放松的
be on the edge phr. excited 激动的
befriend v. to make friend with……交朋友
blend v. to mix up 混合
blockbuster n. a very popular profitable motion picture 引起轰动的电影
cartoon n.

a film in which the characters and scenes are drawn rather than being real people or object 卡通片

category n. a group of people or objects that all have a particular feature or quality in common 类型 
circular a. of completed series 轮回的循环的
classic a. being of high quality or becoming a standard against which other similar things are judged 经典的
coming-of age phr. maturing 成熟的
compare  v. to examine, judge to what extent persons or things are similar or not similar 比较
compound v. to mix together 混合 
confront v. to meet somebody face to face, especially in a situation when you are going to fight, argue, or compete with 面对
confused a.  not understanding what is happening or what is 困惑的
crawl v.  to move slowly across a surface 爬行
creep a. giving a strange or unpleasant feeling of fear 奇怪的, 令人生厌的
cross-section n. a piece or slice made cutting across; representative of the whole 横截面,典型
cub n. a young wild animal 幼兽,
dawdle v. to spend more time than is necessary in doing something or going somewhere 磨蹭
dawning n.  the time of a day when light first appears in the sky 破晓
deliberately adv. intentionally 故意地
delicate a. easily broken or needing to be taken good care of 微妙的,敏感的,脆弱的
deserve v. to be treated in some particular way because of its qualities 值得
despise  v.

to dislike somebody or something because you think that their quality, standard,or behavior is very low 蔑视 

destiny n. fate 命运
destroy v. to cause much damage to something that it does not exist any more 摧毁
detail n. information 内容细节
direct v. to aim to someone or something 针对
discerning a. good at judging the quality of something 有敏锐洞察力的
dispossess v. be forced to give up 被迫放弃
distinctive a. different 与众不同的
diversity n. a range of different conditions, qualities or type 差异多样性
dreadful a. hotrib1e or frightening 可怕的
duo n. two people together 双人
easy-to-fluster a. easily being made nervous 大惊小怪的
emerge v. to come out 出现
enchanting a. charming or attractive in appearance or behavior 迷人的
enhance v. to strengthen or increase 增长或力强
entertain v. to make someone feel happy or interested 使人愉快
era n. a continuous period of time 时代
evidence n. something used to prove that something else is true 证据
exceptional a. unusually good 杰出的
exquisite a. of high degree of artistic skill 具有较高艺术性的
fantasy n. an imaginary story 童话故事
fascinated a. being attracted or made interested in 被迷住的
flee v. to run quickly away from a place because of danger or fear 逃亡
foresee v. to know in advance 预见
frame n. a part of a film which is made up of many separate photographs 镜头
franchise n. a privilege or right officially granted a group by a government 特权
gaze v. to 1ook at something steadi1y for a long time 凝视
generate v. to produce 产生
genre n. a type of literature, music, film etc. which have the same style or subject  体裁
glorious a. famous or successful 闻名的或成功的
gorgeous a. bright or beautiful 鲜艳的或华丽的
gravel n. small stones 石块
graveyard n. an area of land where dead people or animals are buried 坟冢
grovel v. to behave in a very humble way 卑躬屈膝
happy-go-lucky a. carefree 无忧无虑的
heritage n. that which has been inherited 遗产
highlight v. to give emphasis to
hornbill n. a kind of bird 犀鸟
hyena n. an African animal that looks like a wolf and often hunts in groups 豺狗土狼
hyperactive a. being unable to relax or always in a state of great excitement 精力旺盛的
identity n. who you are 身份
illusion n. an idea or be1ief which you think is true but in fact false 错觉
impotence n. the state of being unable to do anything 无能
impressive a. making a deep impression on the mind or feeling 使人留下深刻印象的
incorporate v. to make something become part of one body or group 接纳综合
inherent a. natural 固有的与生俱来的
instant1y adv. immediately 即刻地
landmark n.

something which is considered very important or different and will be remembered for a long time in the future 里程碑

legend n. old story handed down from the past
lurk v. wait concealed in order to attack 埋伏
magical a. having a special quality that makes something 奇妙的
matured a. being fully developed 成熟的
meerkat n. a ground-squirrel 猫鼬
migrate v. to move from one place to another 迁徙
monologue n. scene in a play where only one person speaks 独白
motto n. a short phrase or sentence that expresses for food behavior 座右铭
mystical a. having to do with religious or spiritual powers that most people do not understand 神奇的
mythological a. unreal or imaginary 传说的或想象的
nominate v. to officially suggest someone or something as a candidate in an election or competition 提名
pal n. a friend (an informal word) 朋友常用于口语
pantheon n. a group of important people 一群名人
parallel n. someone or something which is similar to someone or something e1se 可与之般配的人或事
perennially adv. for a long time 久性地
philosophy n. a particular set of theories or beliefs, especially having to with nature or life 哲理
plight n. a serious and difficult situation 困境
portray n. a picture of someone 肖像
precede v. to happen before 发生在之前
prim a. precise or proper to the point of affectation 整洁的
project v. to make a picture appear on the screen 放映
protective a.

showing a strong wish to keep someone safe from something that may hurt or frighten 有保护意识的

punk n. (slang ) a young person, especially a member of a rebellion counterculture group 小阿飞
puppy n.

a doll hat you can move, either by pulling strings which are attached to it or by moving your fingers 木偶

redemption n. the act of getting back or regaining 挽回弥补或赎罪
reflection n. an image of someone or something that can be seen in a mirror or on a shiny surface 倒影
remarkable a. noticeable because of being unusual in some way 突出的
remind v. to cause to remember or think of 使人想起
reminiscent a. reminding of, suggestive of 引人回忆的
representation n. expression or description 表达
romp v. to p1ay about, esp. jumping and running 奔跑跳跃
rowdy a. disorderly; rough 吵闹的粗暴的
saga n. a long story of heroic deeds 叙事故事
savage a. cruel or evil 凶残的
scared a. frightened 受惊吓的
seamlessly adv. perfectly connected 完美地
sequence n. a connected line of events, ideas etc. 顺序
set in motion phr. to take necessary action to make something start happening 实施
shadowy a. being made dark by shadows 被阴影遮蔽的
sinister a. bad and evil 邪恶的
slightly adv. a little bit 稍许地
sociopath n.

one who is affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, antisocial behavior 反社会的人不爱社交的人          

spectacular a. attracting pub1ic attention 人注目的
spiritualist n. a person who believes that the dead may send messages to the living people 唯灵论者
spirituality n. the quality of being interested in spiritual 对灵魂或宗教的喜好与兴趣
stampede n. sudden and wild rush of animals 动物的大溃逃
starve v. to suffer greatly from lack of food and sometimes die 挨饿
strive v. try hard 努力争取
studios n. the buildings where the fi1m is produced 电影制片厂
subtle a. fine, delicate or difficult to sense or describe 微妙的
succession n. a number of things of the same kind coming one after another 系列
taunt v. to reproach in a mocking, insulting manner 嘲弄奚落
tease v. to make fun of 捉弄
tension n. nervousness 紧张
tragedy n. a very sad event or situation 悲剧
trauma n. great stress or unhappiness caused by some very upsetting experience 精神创伤
treacherous a. cheating 奸诈的骗人的
tribute n. an action made to show your admiration or respect to someone or something 赞颂
trifle v. to deal with something as if it were of little significance or value 闲混浪费
uncouth a. ungraceful 粗俗的
undercurrent n. a current of water flowing beneath the surface 潜流
unsuspecting a. unaware of something that is happening 毫不怀疑的
upbeat n. an unaccented beat 弱拍上升兴旺
urge v. to push or try to persuade someone to do something 敦促
villainy n. an evil act 邪恶的行为
visual a. having to do with eyes 视觉的
watchability n. the quality which makes something worth watching 可视性
weird a.

behaving in a strange or unusual way which most people find difficult to understand or to accept 古怪的或令人难以捉摸的                            

wrack v. to damage or destroy 毁坏