Glossary  词汇表  The Sound of Music
adaptation n. state of being adapted to make suitable for a new use 改编
apolitical a. showing no interest in or paying no attention to politics 不问政治的
approachable a. that can be approached 可接近的
assume v. take into association 联合;会并
be exposed to phr. be made known 认知;接受
be smitten with phr. infatuated with 倾倒
beckon v. call somebody's attention by a movement of one's head, hand or arm示意
blossom v. deve1op 兴旺;发展
brush somebody aside phr. pay no or little attention 不理睬
bury one's head in the sand phr. avoid one's problem like the ostriches do when they are confronted with enemies逃避(困难)
carry away phr. to be excited 激动的
climax n. event, point of greatest interest or intensity 高潮
cone n. 松树的球果
conservatory v. building or part of a building with glass walls in which plants are protected from cold 温室,花房
corny a. often heard or repeated 陈腐的
crisp a. hard, dry and easily broken 脆的
cynical a. of or like a cynic, person who sees little or no good in anything and who has no belief in human progress 愤世嫉俗的
debut n. (esp. of a young woman) first appearance at adult parties and other social events 初次登场
decorum n. right and proper behavior as required by social custom 礼貌,礼节
delicate v. devote 奉献
desperately adv. 非常地
distract v. draw away one's attention 使分散注意力
drape n. curtain 窗帘
eclipse v. (fig.) make (somebody or something ) appear dull by comparison; outshine 使黯然失色
enroll v. become a member of 招收
errand n. short journey to take or get something 差使,使命
eventually adv. final1y 最终
evoke v. call up, bring out 引起
exuberance n. vigor 活力
finale n. the last division of a piece of music 终曲
gazebo n. 凉亭
gloriously adv. enjoyab1y happily 愉快地
habit n. a piece of clothing shape like a long loose dress, which a nun or monk wears  修女服
hit n. something, such as a musical or theatrical performance, which is successful风行一时的事物
humiliating a. lowering the dignity or self-respect of 屈辱的
impulsive a. acting on impulse 冲动的
incorrigible a. that cannot be cured or cured 无可救药的
looming a. appearing indistinctly and in a threatening way 隐约或威胁性出现的
lyrics n. verses of song 抒情的韵文,歌词
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non-calculating a. not scheming, not shrewd 真诚的,不斤斤计较的
number n. a piece of music 一支歌曲
odyssey a. long adventurous journey or series of adventures 一连串冒险的
outspoken a. saying freely what one thinks, frank 直言的
pitch n. (music and speech ) degree of highness or lowness; quality of sound 程度;定调
pledge v. give as security: put in pawn 保证;抵押
postulant  n. candidate to a religious order 见习修女
rapture n. great  joy and delight 狂喜
recluse  n. person who lives alone and avoid others 隐士
Reverend Mother n. Mother superior of a convent 院长嬷嬷
roam v. walk or travel without any definite aim or destination 闲逛
sappy   a. silly or foo1ish 愚蠢的
sash n. long strip of cloth worn round the waist 腰带
satin  n. silk material smooth and shiny on one side
savor a. appreciate the taste or flavor of 欣赏,品位
schnitzel n 炸牛排
seclude v. keep apart from the company of others 使隔离,隐居
sibling n. one of two or more Persons having the same parents 兄弟,姐妹
sleek a. soft, smooth, and glossy 圆滑的
sleigh n. sledge 雪橇
slumber  n. liter and rhet sleep 睡眠
soak v. cause to absorb as much liquid as possible 使浸透
sophisticated  a. having 1erned the ways of the wor1d and having 1ost natural simplicity(过于)成熟的,老练的
spontaneous a. done, happening from natural impu1se 自发的,自动的
sticky a. (slang) unpleasant, difficult 处于困境的
strudel n 果馅卷
stunning  a. splendid, ravishing 出色的,令人赏动悦目的
summon v. demand the presence of 召唤
suspenseful a. full of suspense or uncertainty 充满悬念的
take to doing something phr. get into a habit of doing something 养成做某事的习惯
tell on somebody phr. reveal a secret, inform against 告发
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torture v. cause severe suffering to 折磨
transgression n. sin, offense against a principle 违反,过失
trifle n. things, events, etc. of 1ittle value or importance 琐事
tuneful a. having a pleasing tune, melodious 优美的
undoubtedly adv. certainly 无庸质疑地
utmost a. most extreme 极端的
utterly adv completely 完全地
vaudeville n. (US) variety; kind of entertainment consisting of singing, dancing, acrobatic feats, short plays. etc. as given in music halls 歌舞杂耍
vespers n. church service in the evening(天主教的)晚祷
whiskers n. long stiff hair growing near the mouth of a cat 胡须
who1e-heartedly adv. with undivided attention 全心全意地
wor1dly a. non-religious世俗的
yacht n. 游艇